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"Distisource is a web site created by experienced electronic components buyers who know and understand YOUR needs! With Distisource you can access real-time availability of electronic components, from numerous franchised and authorized distributors...all with the click of a button."
- Claudia Ortiz
CEO, President

Your one-stop source for finding electronic components from franchised distribution inventory

All franchised distribution stock
of electronic components in one site.

Find stock from combined inventories of dozens of franchised and factory authorized distributors in one place. This site has the added benefit of finding cost savings opportunities by cross-matching your part numbers with excess from other OEM's as well as giving the buyer resources for finding allocated and obsolete electronic components.

Distisource was developed by experienced OEM and CEM purchasing agents as a one-stop source for electronic components from franchised distribution. Distisource is a powerful tool for finding real-time availability of electronic components and related items.

Distisource is your one-stop marketplace for sourcing all your electronic components needs.

Hotlist - Create and maintain a Hot List of parts. Internals - Add internal part numbers for quick searching. BOMs - Upload BOMs for archiving and future reference. Favorites - Add you favorite reps for fast contacting.